Photo Courtesy of:
Matt Stark | New River Gorge, WV

Climbers in Quarantine Package

$ 35.00 $ 45.00

A perfect package for anyone who is wanting to keep busy during the quarantine! 

It comes with:

  • Access Fund Piton Bottle Opener (Values at $10.00)
    •  The Access Fund Piton Bottle Opener is essential to any bivvy or camp set. Lightweight and stylish, we suggest racking it up with your nut tool so that it’s on hand to help quench your post-burn thirst. Also fits perfectly on a key chain.
  • Espresso Lesson by Arno Ilgner (Values at $15.95)
    • Arno Ilgner builds off of his previous books and continues to provide climbers with nerve calming tips. It is the “how to” application of The Rock Warrior’s Way, building upon and complement The Warrior’s Way.
  • El Cupitan Mug (Values at $16.00)
    • What do El Capitan and El Cupitan have in common? They're both giant! And they're both musts for any climber. El Cupitan is 20 oz of dishwasher safe ceramic perfection for those cold mornings when you need some joe to help rally out of your sleeping bag. With the Access Fund logo on the back, you can show your support and help protect America's climbing while you sip your favorite drink on those cold winter mornings!
  • Indian Creek Sticker (Values at $3.95)
    • This sticker was illustrated by Kayla Edgar and based off of Scarface in Indian Creek.